in my arms. (‘06)

in my arms.

I got the whole world inside of my arms, 

won’t ever, never, let it come to harm,

keep quiet though, gotta respect the calm,

such a small thing though immense in form,

Holds so much yet knows so little,

I got the reason for life, No more riddle,

This is my moment of clarity, I’m finally found,

Clear as anything, slowly, floating above ground,

Headrush, getting dizzy feel like i’m falling,

Got so much power in my arms, but so small and,

I got joy, happiness, so much positive,

Keeping this safe is my perogative,

This Little World, Created by me,

call me God, cause I’m feeling heavenly,

Just let it be. 


hi there. 

i write poetry. i’ve never really published it. i think its okay so i’m going to start posting up things on here.

some of what i write on here is old as i’ve been writing dumb rhymes and poems for nearly 10 years. yes, teenage poetry y’all.

have fun with it.